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Life, Executive, Business and career coach in Berkshire

Career, Executive, Life & Business

coach in Berkshire

With a base in Berkshire, Daniel is a career, executive, life and business coach covering Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Find a coach near me… you have now found one covering Bracknell, Windsor and Wokingham! 


Supporting individuals, organisations, communities, good causes and businesses in Berkshire through coaching.

Daniel Chidley Coaching in Berkshire
Accredited Coach in Berkshire
Accredited Executive Coach in Berkshire

Coaching in Berkshire

Through one-to-one coaching programmes, I encourage you to pause. To give yourself time to think. To pursue and achieve your goals.


Clients are often looking for help with, for example:

  • Increase confidence and self esteem

  • Personal development or considering a career change

  • Increase motivation and energy

  • Effective leadership and improved communication at work 

  • Time management, prioritising, efficiency and work/life balance

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for support

Berkshire Coaching

​My role is to listen and support you towards positive solutions for whatever it is you would like to achieve. 


You might be looking for a career coach, an executive coach, life coach or business coach in Berkshire to help? Or you might not be quite sure. 

To find out more or to arrange a free no-obligation and confidential call, please book online, email, call 07791338367 or complete the enquiry form below.

Coaching in Berkshire
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