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Pay what you can

why do you offer 'pay what you can' coaching sessions?

I offer a 'pay what you can afford' initiative to provide a minimum of five one-to-one coaching sessions per week, where people only contribute what they can towards my time. No barriers. No judgement. And fully confidential, as always.

I am often asked this question. And for me it is simple. My coaching practice is committed to having a positive influence on society and to make a meaningful impact through personal and leadership development.

I have benefitted personally and professionally from coaching for more than 10 years, and this inspired me to become a certified coach.

As a professional coach I have a particular interest in personal, leadership and career coaching, working with individuals on a one-to-one basis to support their development both personally and professionally.

Therefore I wanted to ensure that anybody who would like a coach, has the opportunity to try it.

The aim of the 'pay what you can' sessions is to provide affordable and accessible coaching to individuals that would otherwise not be able to, or would choose not to access coaching. I have been delighted with the reaction.

So far, this has been of interest to charity/not-for-profit leaders and their teams, social enterprises, young professionals looking for personal development and individuals just seeking change.

This is a genuine offer and I do hope that it can continue to have a positive impact.

why else do you offer pay what you can coaching?

  • I am committed to keeping coaching as affordable as possible.

  • I am passionate about accessibility and that everyone has the chance to have a coach.

  • I want to support people to achieving their goals, through coaching. This is not related to somebody's ability or willingness to pay.

  • To promote an equal opportunity and remove as many barriers to coaching as I can.

  • To encourage people to make the first step.

so what is the first step?

To find out more or to arrange a free no-obligation and confidential call, please book online, email, call or complete the enquiry form.


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